Identity "Meet the Artist" Reception

(Ocean City, NJ) July 13, 2017 - “IDENTITY” is a solo exhibition featuring the work of artist Michael J, in his first exhibiting at the Ocean City Art Center. IDENTITY contains familiar portraits of icons, but with their faces removed to symbolize their true perceived identity. Michael captures the spirit through his representative art in his series IDENTITY. Current policies and social issues affect many to their core being, resulting in a struggle to find own’s own true identity. Using symbolism, Michael J identities the recognizable personas of prominence of these personalities in his art.

“IDENTITY’s” inspiration is drawn from a critical look at social and personal issues that impact the daily lives of many people.  Michael J’s latest body of work serves as a reflection on the damaged state of media, privacy, peer pressure, and so much more. This installation was created with the hope to inspire others to find and question their own identities.

“When I paint I want my art to speak to people … I want it to have a meaning behind it, to inspire people. Today, everybody wants to be somebody important. They think if they’re not making a movie or making music, then they’re not making a statement” says Michael J. 

Michael has paired with a boy named Dylan Brown. Dylan has Down syndrome and is an incredible artist. Michael approached Dylan and his family to work on a collaboration. Dylan completed two abstract painting for Michael’s upcoming solo show identity. Michael utilized these abstract paintings as the faces of both Michael Jackson and John Lennon. The paintings will be one sale at the Ocean City Art Center for the month of July. If the paintings are sold a portion of the proceeds will go to Down Syndrome research.

Identity opens in 2 days!

Be sure to head to Ocean City Arts Center in Ocean City, New Jersey! The show runs from July 2nd to July 31! 

Here’s a behind there scenes look at a painting, that will be on display! 


The Godfather 36x48 

Mixed Media  


Upcoming show “identity”

For the whole month of July, I am pleased to announce that I will be showcasing a new group of work at the ocean city art center. In ocean city New Jersey! More details will come! 

check back for more details. 


Here is is a sneak peek at a painting from the upcoming show.  


Strange Days 

36 x 36  

mixed media